Eyre, Wilson

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Eyre, Wilson (1858–1944). American architect. He worked with James Peacock Sims (1849–82) in Philadelphia, PA, when he was influenced by Norman Shaw and the Queen Anne movement in England, as can be seen in the design of The Anglecot, 401 East Evergreen Avenue, Philadelphia (1883—much altered). By the late 1880s his work was becoming more free, influenced by the Shingle style (e.g. the C. B. Moore house, 1321 Locust Street, Philadelphia (1891) ). He also employed an agreeably eclectic Arts-and-Crafts manner, as in the Mask and Wig Club, 311 South Camac Street, Philadelphia, and turned to Colonial Revival (e.g. Neill and Mauran houses, 315–17 South 22nd Street, Philadelphia (1891) ). More grand yet Picturesque was his Jeffords house, Glen Riddle, PA (1917). His work exercised a powerful influence on subsequent generations of architects in Pennsylvania.


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