Egas, Enrique de

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Egas, Enrique de (d. c.1534). Important Castilian architect, his style was a synthesis of late Gothic and Plateresque. As Master of the Works at Toledo Cathedral, he redesigned the sanctuary (Capilla Major—1500–4) and built the Capilla Mozárabe (1519). His most celebrated designs are the cruciform hospitals of Santiago de Compostela (1501–11) and Holy Cross, Toledo (1504–15), two buildings where Italian Renaissance influences are evident. He was involved in work at Plasencia (1490s), Seville (1512–15), Malaga (1528), Salamanca (1523–34), and Segovia (1529) Cathedrals. He contributed to the design of the Royal Chapel, Granada, from 1506, as well as the Cathedral there from 1523.


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