Eckbo, Garrett

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Eckbo, Garrett (1910–2000). Influential American landscape-architect. Influenced by Gropius, he predictably rejected historical styles of garden design, and attempted to create a ‘modern’ style on a tabula rasa. From 1945, with Robert Royston ((1918– )—until 1958) and Edward A. Williams (1914–84— until 1973), he designed many gardens in CA, using exotic plants, so his work was associated with the California School. Most of his later designs were for housing developments, settings for factories, campuses, parkways, and urban spaces, mostly in CA: they include the Downtown Mall, Fresno (1963), Union Bank Square, Los Angeles (1964–8), and landscape designs for the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque (1962–78). He wrote Landscape for Living (1950) and much else.


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