Dahinden, Justus

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Dahinden, Justus (1925– ). Swiss architect. His works have been influenced by Archigram and Metabolism, as well as by his own Christian beliefs. They include many churches and parish-centres (e.g. Heilige Geist (Holy Ghost) Church, Weingarten, Germany (1977), and Migros Centre, Ostermundingen, Switzerland (1988) ), in which he has attempted to incorporate a sensitivity to ‘biotechnics’ (life and all its processes), ‘geometrics’ (the expression of order and form), ‘psycho-logics’ (the spiritual and reasoned processes that inform the environment), and ‘cosmics’ (the universal forces of order). He has evolved a modular constructional system (the Trigon) based on the triangular prism, of which the village at Doldertal, near Zürich, is an example (1969).


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