Dagobert II, King of Austrasia, St.

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Martyr; b. c. 652; d. Stenay, Dec. 23, 679. An infant at the death of his father, Sigebert III (656), Dagobert was exiled to Ireland by the palace mayor Grimoald and replaced by Grimoald's son, Childebert. After Childeric II's murder (675), some Austrasians, helped by wilfrid of york, repatriated Dagobert and proclaimed him king (spring of 676). Opposed by Ebroïn, the Neustrian palace mayor, and too energetic for his magnates' liking, Dagobert was murdered and buried at Stenay (near Verdun). The violent nature of his death earned him the title of martyr and a limited cult in Lorraine.

Feast: Dec. 23.

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