Dagon (Fishko), Barukh

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DAGON (Fishko), BARUKH (Asher David ; c. 1885–1957), Hebrew short-story writer. He adopted the pseudonym of Barukh while active in the Russian underground. Dagon, who was born in the province of Pinsk, went to Warsaw at the end of the 19th century. He worked as a teacher there as well as in Lodz and other towns. In 1920 he immigrated to Palestine and taught in various settlements. His first stories were published in 1928 in Davar and dealt, as did most of his later writings, with the animal world. He published four books: Nefesh Ḥayyah (1943); Ta'alumot ha-Ḥai (1948); Kanaf el Kanaf (1956); and his autobiography Gilgulei Ḥayyim (1948).


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