Dahl, Robert (Alan)

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DAHL, Robert (Alan)

DAHL, Robert (Alan). American, b. 1915. Genres: Economics, Politics/Government. Career: Sterling Professor of Political Science, Yale University, New Haven, 1964-, now emeritus (joined faculty, 1946; Eugene Meyer Professor of Political Science, 1955-64). Mgmt. Analyst, US Dept. of Agriculture, Washington, DC, 1940; Economist, Office of Production Management, War Production Board, 1940-42; with US Army, 1943-45. Publications: Congress and Foreign Policy, 1950; (with R. Brown) Domestic Control of Atomic Energy, 1951; (with C.E. Lindblom) Politics, Economics Welfare, 1953; A Preface to Democratic Theory, 1956; (with Haire and Lazarsfeld) Social Science Research on Business, 1959; Who Governs? Democracy and Power in an American City, 1961; Modern Political Analysis, 1963, 5th ed. 1990; Political Oppositions in Western Democracies, 1966; Pluralist Democracy in the United States, 1967, 4th ed., 1981; After the Revolution, 1970, 1990; Polyarchy: Participation and Opposition, 1971; (with E.R. Tufte) Size and Democracy, 1973; Dilemmas of Pluralistic Democracy, 1983; A Preface to Economic Democracy, 1985; Controlling Nuclear Weapons, 1985; Democracy, Liberty and Equality, 1986; Democracy and Its Critics, 1989; The New American Political (Dis)order, 1994; Toward Democracy: A Journey, Reflections, 1940-1997, 1997; On Democracy, 1998; How Democratic Is the American Constitution, 2001. Address: 17 Cooper Rd, North Haven, CT 06473, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]