Casson, Sir Hugh Maxwell

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Casson, Sir Hugh Maxwell (1910–99). English architect. Appointed Director of Architecture at the Festival of Britain (1948–51), he was joined by Hugh Neville Conder (1922–2003), who carried out the important interior section concerned with education. In 1956 the Casson Conder Partnership was formally established: works included the Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore (1962—with Henry Thomas Cadbury-Brown (1913– ) as principal architect), (whose wife, Elizabeth (1922–2002), also contributed) buildings at Worcester College, Oxford (1963), the Elephant and Rhinoceros House, London Zoo (1964), the Ismaili Centre, South Kensington, London (1984), and the Sidgwick Avenue building for the Faculty of Arts, University of Cambridge (1952–70). Casson was President of the Royal Academy of Arts in the 1970s until 1984, and enjoyed a reputation as a watercolourist of great fluency.


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