Bo & Wohlert

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Bo & Wohlert. Danish architectural firm established by Jørgen Bo (1919–99) and Vilhelm Wohlert (1920– ). They designed the Louisiana Museum, Humlebæk, near Elsinore (1958), with subsequent enlargements in the 1960s and 1980s. Among other works the terrace housing at Piniehøj (1962), Rungsted (1964), and Kirstineparken, Hørsholm (1964); the cabinet-makers' training-centre, Monastir, Tunisia; the Danish Embassy, Brasília (1973); and the Bochum Museum, Germany (1977–83), deserve mention. Bo designed the IBM Training Centre, Brussels (1969–75—with Anders Hegelund (1938– ) ), and Wohlert carried out several major restoration projects, including Hansen's Cathedral of Our Lady, Copenhagen (1979).


Jane Turner (1996)