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52. Awkwardness (See also Ineptitude.)

  1. Clouseau, Inspector Jacques bungling detective who inadvertently but always gets his man. [Am. Cinema: The Pink Panther in Halliwell, 565566]
  2. Crane, Ichabod lanky Yankee schoolmaster who loves Katrina. [Am. Lit.: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow ]
  3. Dobbin, Captain William tall, uncouth, awkward fellow with large feet. [Br. Lit.: Vanity Fair ]
  4. Goofy bumbling, awkward dog; originally named Dippy Dawg. [Comics: Mickey Mouse in Horn, 492]
  5. Gringoire a penniless, stupid, and oafish poet. [Fr. Lit.: The Hunchback of Notre Dame ]
  6. Lil Abner ungainly comic strip oaf with height of six foot three. [Comics: Horn, 450]
  7. Small, Lennie simple-minded, clumsy giant; parasite of George. [Am. Lit.: Of Mice and Men ]
  8. White Knight falls off his horse every time it stops. [Br. Lit.: Lewis Carroll Through the Looking-Glass ]