Making the Decision to Attend a Christian College

 In addition to deciding on the perfect area of study, prospective college students also have to decide on the ideal school and atmosphere at which to focus on their studies. For individuals who would like to deepen their faith while deepening their understanding about a degree area, Christian colleges would likely be an ideal environment. But, besides getting a faith-based education, there are several more reasons to consider a Christian colleges and universities.


A More Intimate Setting 

Going from high school to college is one of the biggest transitions a person will make in his or her life, and being dropped in the middle of a swelling sea of students at a large public university can be quite overwhelming. In contrast, even the best Christian colleges are likely to be one-tenth the size of the largest public universities.

Rather than feeling like a number, students at Christian universities can receive more one-on-one attention with their instructors, and can have the opportunity to form better and deeper relationships with their classmates. While strengthening their faith, students can strengthen their relationships with those who are the same age, share the same experiences and share their values. There’s less chance of scholars feeling as though a state school isn’t able to meet their spiritual needs. 

A More Familiar Atmosphere

Just as moving from the city to a small town can be a bit of a shock, so can moving from a more conservative and wholesome atmosphere to one where there are several more lifestyles, political viewpoints and personalities to adjust to. While attending online Christian colleges may certainly help with this, some students prefer a more traditional university setting. This isn’t to say that Christian students should steer clear of others who aren’t like them, simply that they might be more focused and centered on their educations at a faith-based university. The atmosphere of a Christian university and the opportunities it presents can help a student feel more comfortable, which can be instrumental in remaining at the university rather than returning home, transferring or taking some time to get acclimated.    

Better Quality

Many students also feel the quality of the education they receive at a Christian college or university is better than that of a public university. The reason for this is Christian instructors are often more motivated to provide their fellow followers of Christ with the absolute best education in order to help them to become a shining beacon of the power of Christ. Something else to think about is that students will less likely be influenced by cultural fads, which might be at odds with a student’s beliefs and possibly lead to confusion and distraction from academics.   

A Deeper Faith

By attending Christian colleges and universities, students can deepen their faith and learn more about what it means to be a Christian in the 21st century. We live in a time where faith is questioned and tested, and choosing to attend an institution where students are surrounded by those who share their faith rather than disregard it can help Christian students gain new insights into their faith and God’s teachings. If faith is something you aspire to grow, now or in the future, and you want to meet people with similar beliefs, a Christian online college or a campus setting may be the best option.

A Supportive Environment

In addition to not having to explain themselves and their behavior like they might at a non-Christian school, students don’t have to change their lives around while attending this type of school. For instance, students don’t have to abandon their values or ask for special consideration for school activities that take place on Sunday. There’s also a better chance of a student not having to learn or live in a hostile environment. 

Chances to Give Back

While non-Christian higher learning institutions have volunteer opportunities, there are usually many more to be found at Christian colleges and universities. Not only do students have a chance to volunteer and perform charity work, which looks good on a resume, they also have a chance to share God’s love with others outside of their immediate environment.   

A Variety of Mentors

In addition to professors, guidance counselors and advisors to speak with, students at Christian institutions also have easy access to a variety of other religious mentors. Such mentors include chaplains, ministers and pastors. An added benefit of these spiritual mentors is that students have easy access to religious services right on the campus, which is often more convenient than having to go through a period of trial-and-error while a student attempts to find the right church off-campus. 

Even students who prefer an online Christian college might be able to find a faith-based distance learning program. Those who have already started their careers and prefer to learn from an institution rooted in the Christian faith can benefit from knowing they’re learning from individuals who recognize the challenges involved with being a Christian in the modern workplace. No matter how or where a student prefers to learn, Christian colleges can be of great benefit both educationally and spiritually.

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Christian Colleges: Gain an Education and Deepen Your Faith