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The area of marketing encompasses a wide variety of responsibilities, and it is a good career for those who like to multitask. Individuals who are interested in having a marketing career can choose from many different educational programs. Some programs are shorter for those who want to enter the workforce sooner than later, while other programs offer a more comprehensive education and prepare graduates for more advanced positions.

For some students, attending class in a traditional classroom setting is difficult, either because of schedule conflicts or distance challenges. Many marketing degrees can be earned online, which allows for flexibility.


Marketing Degree Summary

A marketing degree is basically a business degree with a marketing major. This field is designed for driven and creative individuals who are able to match market insight with attainable plans of action. Students who pursue a marketing degree should be self-starters who can handle multiple tasks and don’t mind working a lot of hours. Education will consist of a solid set of skills in order to keep up with changing business goals and technology growth.

Online Marketing Degree

Distance learning has become a popular education path for a variety of students. Parents, working professionals, rural students, and those with unique learning needs all benefit from online courses. Although taking classes remotely can help with flexibility and time management, earning a marketing degree online is just as challenging as the traditional way.

Students need to be able to direct their own learning and budget their time so that they don’t get behind. Some online programs offer the opportunity to observe a current class or watch a demonstration to make sure that online learning is the right fit.

The amount of time that it takes to earn a degree online will depend on a number of factors, including the type of degree being pursued and if the student is taking classes on a full or part-time basis. An associate’s degree can take anywhere from 15 to 24 months to complete. A bachelor’s degree can take 36 to 48 months, and a master’s degree can take 12 to 24 months to earn.

Choose an Accredited Program

There are many programs that offer quick and affordable online diplomas, but if students want to be taken seriously, they need to check for school accreditation. A marketing degree that comes with accreditation may cost more, but it will be more respected by the business world which should give graduates a leg up competitively when searching for a job.

As students are searching for the perfect marketing degree program, they should make sure that it has been accredited by any one of the following organizations:

  • Distance Education and Training Council (DETC)
  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)
  • Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC)
  • Regional institutions, such as the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Details of a Marketing Program

Marketing has evolved over the years, especially with the advancement of the internet. Current marketing specialists should have a variety of skills, such as consumer psychology, online strategy, and statistics, in order to be successful. When searching for an online degree, students should look for basic principles as well as specializations. Basic classes include public relations, advertising, marketing management, and marketing principles. Quality programs will offer specialization in areas such as:

  • Sports management
  • Market research and the analysis of data
  • International marketing
  • Business to business marketing
  • Consumer and buyer behavior

Along with the types of classes offered, students should research other things as well. The courses that are available should prepare students for the current job market, not outdated trends. Students may want to find out if the professors also keep up with new trends and research in order to prepare students in the best way possible. Some programs offer internships or networking opportunities to help students get their feet in the door even before graduation, which is very helpful when it comes to building a career.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Marketing

Earning a bachelor’s degree will often prepare graduates for an entry level position, such as in public relations, account management, copywriting, design, and sales. Graduates may find that marketing is a competitive field and should prepare themselves accordingly. Jobs are often at a premium, and work weeks that extend past 40 hours are quite common.

Earning a bachelor’s degree online is one way to pursue a marketing degree, and many schools offer this opportunity. If you have been wondering if earning a degree online is the best path for you, consider the benefits that this way of learning offers. Flexibility and designing the curriculum around your schedule are big draws for many students.

In the past, online learning was unheard of. Over the years, online classes begin to be offered by certain programs, and even then only certain classes had to be taken online and the rest of them had to be taken in the classroom. Now, some programs are offered completely remotely, and students never have to enter a classroom. When searching for an online program there are some things to keep in mind.


As mentioned before, students should make sure that the school they are considering is accredited. This will ensure that they are receiving a quality education and that the school is meeting the required standards.


Depending on where graduates want to find a job, the reputation of the school they attend may be important. They can search online or in different reports, such as the U.S. News & World Report, for rankings of online marketing programs. While they don’t necessarily need to choose the #1 or #2 schools, staying in the top 20 may be ideal if they have their sights set on some of the big-league marketing firms.

Class Options

Every marketing program will vary when it comes to the classes it offers and what it focuses on. Students are encouraged to compare a number of different programs to see which one matches their interests and career goals the best. Most programs will be made up of core classes and then specialty classes so that students can tailor their education.

Core classes may vary a bit, but common ones are product strategy, international marketing, social media topics, marketing research, internet marketing, distribution strategy, and sales strategy. Once students have taken the required core classes, they may choose to branch out into specialty areas such as sales, leadership, management, small business or global marketing, event management, social entrepreneurship, financial modeling, or organizational design.

Online Master’s Degrees

Students who want to be prepared for more advanced positions with (often) better salaries may want to pursue a master’s degree in business administration (MBA – Master of Business Administration) with a marketing focus. This program is often challenging, and students should be expected to take classes in economics, accounting, and business law, as well as more advanced subjects in the marketing concentration. Some master’s degree programs also include an internship to prepare students for the real world.

As with bachelor’s degree programs, there are a number of online MBA programs that students may choose from. An online MBA in marketing is usually a 48 credit program. While the program is shorter, it is challenging, so students should keep this in mind when considering their schedule.

Program Emphasis

In a master’s degree program, most students study and enhance their skills in a certain area. Marketing-related areas include supply chain management, international business, finance, global marketing, business to business marketing, pricing and development of new products, and services marketing. Other electives that students may choose to focus on include consumer behavior, international marketing, and advertising.

There are almost 170 schools around the country that offer a marketing degree online. Factors involved with which institution one chooses may include budget, the reputation of the school, types of classes offered, internships available, and length of the program. Students are encouraged to research and compare a number of different marketing programs in order to find the right one for their needs.

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