Being good with numbers and enjoying a challenge could make you the perfect candidate for getting an accounting degree. With busy schedules it is hard to consider starting a degree, but taking online accounting classes could make that process much easier. It is also important to note that according to Accounting EDU the number of accounting jobs is on the rise.

In order to become an accountant, you will need to decide what type of accountant degree you want. There are several different types to choose from. All of the different types require you to take accounting classes.

  • Accounting – keeps records of finances, and covers accounting principles, such as income tax and non-profit
  • Finance – specializes in managing money, banking, and investing in stocks among other classes
  • Taxation – the undergraduate degree covers tax accounting, while the master’s degree would be good for an attorney
  • Auditing – collects and organizes evidence, helping to keep business on the up and up
  • Business – focuses on the finance, management, and marketing

Online Accounting Classes

Any type of degree is going to require some education. There are degrees ranging from an associate to a doctorate. Each of those degrees require different levels of education and classes. One way to get the required classes is by taking accounting classes online. Examples of some required online classes for accounting are listed below:

  • Communication in Relation to Business – builds the foundation, in an accounting business setting, covering topics like: using information properly, thinking critically, and ethics in relation to communicating.
  • Accounting, the Principles – teaches the basics of financial accounting, covers areas on how economic events could affect the financial world, and carries those concepts over to the business platform in Principles of Accounting 2.
  • Computer Basics – will teach Microsoft Office, including presentation, spreadsheet, database and word processing software, but with a focus in presenting information in a logical way.
  • Accounting, Financial – is usually a 3-part class that looks at the building blocks of accounting, which includes, but is not limited to balance sheets, statements of income, the value of money, recognition of revenue, cash flow, and disclosure of issues.
  • Macroeconomics – goes over the ideas, fundamental theories, proper terminology, and uses for macroeconomics.
  • Other classes – will cover a variety of topics: accounting for nonprofit, government, and certified public accountant among others.

Other Important Information:

  • The cost of getting an accounting degree will vary depending on the type of degree and where you go to get the degree. Taking an online accounting class may be less expensive. However, if you go to a 4-year, public institution you could spending between $9,400 and $24,000. Should you choose to go to a private school, that price falls between $15,600 and $32,400.
  • In order to get into an accounting program, it would be beneficial to have a good foundation from high school which will include college prep courses. If you did not do very well in high school, be prepared to take some prerequisite classes before you even get accepted into an accounting program.
  • Another alternative is taking all of your accounting classes online. Taking accounting online classes provides you with more flexibility. You can take the classes when it is more convenient for you, especially if you are working a fulltime job while you are working on your degree.
  • The amount of time it will take you to get an accounting degree will depend on a variety of variables. An associate’s degree will take most people, going to school fulltime, about 2 years. For a person going after a bachelor’s degree, you are looking at 4 years. A master’s degree will take, on average, 1 ½ - 2 years. If a CPA is what you are looking to attain, that will take 150 hours of credits, which is equal to a bachelor’s degree with a few college graduate classes.

Accounting Online Classes Tips:

  1. Create a specific place to do your schoolwork. If you don’t, you could have a hard time focusing. It can be a desk, a portion of the dining room table, or any other type of space that will allow you to get your work done quickly and efficiently.
  2. Realize that just because an on line accounting class is convenient does not mean it will not require the same time commitment as a traditional class.
  3. If you are the type of person that needs a little motivation, find someone, like a family member to check in on your progress.
  4. To avoid procrastinating, figure out what part of the day is your best working time and try to get projects done at that time. It is also a good idea to tackle the more challenging projects first.
  5. Be your own advocate, make sure you participate in class and that you contact the professor if you are having a hard time.


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