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el·e·va·tion / ˌeləˈvāshən/ • n. 1. the action or fact of elevating or being elevated: her sudden elevation to the cabinet. ∎  augmentation of or increase in the amount or level of something: ∎  (in a Christian Mass) the raising of the consecrated elements for adoration. 2. height above a given level, esp. sea level: a network of microclimates created by sharp differences in elevation a total elevation gain of 3,995 feet. ∎  a high place or position: most early plantation development was at the higher elevations. ∎  the angle of something with the horizontal, esp. of a gun or of the direction of a celestial object. ∎  Ballet the ability of a dancer to attain height in jumps. 3. a particular side of a building: a burglar alarm was prominently displayed on the front elevation. ∎  a drawing of the front, side, or back of a house or other building: a set of plans and elevations. DERIVATIVES: el·e·va·tion·al adj.

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elevation, vertical distance from a datum plane, usually mean sea level to a point above the earth. Often used synonymously with altitude, elevation is the height on the earth's surface and altitude, the height in space above the surface. The elevation of a feature is calculated through such surveying techniques as trigonometric triangulation and aerial photogrammetry. Elevation is represented by using contours of equal elevation lines, three-dimensional computer graphics representation, or molded three-dimensional plastic models.

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Elevation. The lifting up of the elements of the eucharist by the celebrant. The purpose is both to symbolize their offering to God and to focus the devotion of the congregation.

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1. Accurate geometrical projection, drawn to scale, of a building's façade or any other visible external or internal part on a plane vertical (at a right angle) to the horizon.

2. Any external façade.


Fraser Reekie (1946)

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elevation in the Christian Church, the raising of the consecrated elements for adoration at Mass.