Elephant Walk

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Elephant Walk ★★½ 1954

Sri Lanka's balmy jungles provide the backdrop for a torrid love triangle in this post-prime Dieterle effort. Taylor, ignored by her wealthy drunkard hubby, finds solace in the arms of her spouse's sexy right-hand man. As if keeping the affair secret weren't a big enough task, she also braves a cholera epidemic and a pack of vengeful elephants who take an unscheduled tour of her humble home. Lethargic lead performances make this more of a sleep walk, but Sofaer and Biberman's supporting roles are worth the price of rental. Taylor replaced Vivian Leigh early in the filming after she fell ill, but footage of Leigh in faraway shots is included. 103m/C VHS, DVD . Elizabeth Taylor, Dana Andrews, Peter Finch, Abraham Sofaer, Abner Biberman; D: William Dieterle; C: Loyal Griggs.