Beardshaw, Rosalind 1969–

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Beardshaw, Rosalind 1969–


Born 1969, in England. Education: Manchester Polytechnic, B.A. (illustration), 1992.


Home and office—York, England. Agent—Heather Richards, 9 Somerville Lea, Aldeburgh, Suffolk IP15 5LH, England.


Illustrator. Volunteer with learning disabled adults.



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Books featuring Beardshaw's art have been published in French, Chinese, Greek, Danish, Korean, Slovenian, Basque, Spanish, and Italian.


British illustrator Rosalind Beardshaw knew she wanted to be an artist as a young girl. Since graduating from college in the early 1990s, she has focused her talents on illustrating children's books, particularly stories that feature animal characters. In addition to creating art for writers such as Sally Grindley, Gillian Lobel, Tony Bonning, and Lisa Bruce, Beardshaw has also created two original picture books which were inspired by her memories of her fun-loving grandparents: Grandma's Beach and Grandpa's Surprise. Reviewing the artist's work for Bonning's amusing Snog the Frog, Be Astengo wrote in School Library Journal that Beardshaw's large-scale "illustrations are painted with bright, vibrant colors and have humorous perspectives." According to a Kirkus Reviews writer, the book's "rich, colorful illustrations add a charming element" to Lobel's reassuring story in Does Anybody Love Me?, and in Publishers Weekly a critic concluded that Beardshaw's acrylic paintings for Lobel's child-centered tale "exude a gung-ho cheeriness."

In Grandma's Beach Emily and her mother are excited about their upcoming day at the seashore, but when Mom has to go to work instead, Grandma finds a way to make a day spent at home just as exciting. In Grandpa's Surprise a little boy named Stanley feels bad when a neighbor gets a shiny new bike, but when Grandpa finds out, he puts his engineering and scavenging skills to work on a new go-cart for Stanley that quickly becomes the envy of the neighborhood. Citing Beardshaw's colorful illustrations, a Kirkus Reviews critic praised the two books as "subtle and positively uplifting" stories designed to "help any child through those inevitable crestfallen moments in life." "Using thick strokes and a melange of summer fruit-colored paints, Beardshaw zooms in on her characters," observed Ilene Cooper in her Booklist review of Grandma's Beach and Grandpa's Surprise, and School Library Journal critic Catherine Threadgill deemed the images "bright, glossy, and scaled to draw the attention of tiny eyes."

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