Weiss, Paul 1901-2002

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WEISS, Paul 1901-2002

OBITUARY NOTICE—See index for CA sketch: Born May 19, 1901, in New York, NY; died July 5, 2002, in Washington, DC. Philosopher, educator, author, and editor. Weiss taught philosophy at some of America's most prestigious institutions for more than sixty years. Toward the end of his career he repeatedly fought age discrimination in academia, sometimes without success, but when he finally retired in his nineties, it was on his own terms. Weiss was affiliated with Yale University from 1946 until his forced retirement as Sterling Professor of Philosophy in 1969. He was appointed Heffer Visiting Professor of Philosophy at the Catholic University of America on an annual basis from 1969 through 1992, when his contract was not renewed. Weiss sued the university for age discrimination, won his suit, and taught for at least two more years before his final retirement. Weiss was a founding member of the Metaphysical Society of America from 1947 and the editor of the Review of Metaphysics from 1947 through 1964. He was also an energetic writer with many published books and a handful in progress at the time of his death. Weiss's writings include Beyond All Appearances, You, I, and the Others, Being and Other Realities, Emphatics, published in 2000, and Surrogates, published in 2002.



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Weiss, Paul 1901-2002

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