Weissberg, Meir

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WEISSBERG, MEIR (Max; 1856–1930), scholar and historian of modern Hebrew literature. Born at Bukaczowce in Galicia, he was appointed teacher in the public school system in Galicia in 1884, became headmaster of the Stanislav public school and, from 1888 until 1925, served as instructor in Jewish religion and the German language at the government high school of the city. He devoted himself to the study of Hebrew Haskalah literature, especially that of Galicia with which, being one of its products, he was thoroughly familiar.

He published a large number of essays on the subject in German, Polish, and Hebrew. His principal works are: Die neuhebraeische Aufklaerungsliteratur in Galizien (1898); Woelwel Zbarazer, der fahrende Saenger des galizisch-juedischen Humanismus (1909).


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[Gedalyah Elkoshi]