Varnum, Keith (A.) 1948-

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VARNUM, Keith (A.) 1948-

PERSONAL: Born April 15, 1948, in Titusville, PA; son of Herbert E. (a lawyer) and Maryanne (a court reporter; maiden name, Swavey) Varnum. Ethnicity: "English-French-German." Education: University of Michigan, B.A. (with distinction). Politics: Libertarian. Hobbies and other interests: Filmmaking, sailing, hiking, travel.

ADDRESSES: Home and Office—11248 North 11th St., Phoenix, AZ 85020; fax: 602-944-1235. E-mail— [email protected]

CAREER: The Dream—A Gathering of Equals Seminars, Phoenix, AZ, founder and facilitator, 1994—.


(With Mark Conrad) Living the Dream—It's Time!: A Chronicle of the Gathering of Equals, Pura Vida (Mountlake Terrace, WA), 1998.

Inner Coach: Outer Power, New Dimensions Publishing (Phoenix, AZ), 2002.

WORK IN PROGRESS: Adventures of the Heart, for Pura Vida.

SIDELIGHTS: Keith Varnum once told CA: "I like to write about extraordinary events that I have personally experienced in my life. The events that intrigue me are those that are outside common experience and belief, that cannot be 'rationally' explained within the beliefs of the collective consciousness. These events tend to be ultimately of a spiritual nature, since that is the dimension in which magic, miracles, and grace happen. For power and convincibility, I keep my writings to these events that I have personally witnessed, firsthand."