van der Straaten, Jan 1935-

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van der STRAATEN, Jan 1935-

PERSONAL: Born July 18, 1935, in De Werken en Sleeuwijk, Netherlands; son of Jan C. (in import business) and Anna (a painter; maiden name, Visser) van der Straaten; married Marijke Verhagen (a social department administrator), June 4, 1990; children: Jan Cornelis. Education: Erasmus University, M.A., 1971; Tilburg University, Ph.D., 1990. Hobbies and other interests: Mountain climbing, birding, cross-country skiing, photography, skating.

ADDRESSES: Home—Bredaseweg 335, 5037 LC Tilburg, Netherlands. E-mail—[email protected].

CAREER: Strago Electro B.V. (importers and wholesalers of electronic products), Gorinchem, Netherlands, general director, 1953-67; Central Bureau of Statistics, The Hague, Netherlands, deputy head of Department of Environmental Statistics, 1969-73; Municipality of Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands, deputy head of Department of Economic Research, 1973-74; Tilburg University, Tilburg, Netherlands, senior lecturer in regional and social economics, 1974-90, senior lecturer in leisure studies and senior researcher at Work and Organization Research Center, 1990-98, senior researcher at European Center for Nature Conservation, 1994-98. Lantbruksuniversitet, Uppsala, Sweden, guest lecturer and visiting fellow, 1993. Foundation Saxifraga, chair, 1991-2003; Dutch Environmental Group Alps, chair and member of board of directors, 1992-96; Brabants Landschap, member of board of directors, 1992-2003; Ecologicafl Circle Tilburg, member of board of directors, 1993-2003; Reallotment Commission Goirle, member, 1993-98. Presenter of television programs, including Cum Laude, broadcast by Nederland 3, 1990; Om Het Behoud van de Aarde (title means "For the Protection of the Earth"), Nederland 3, 1990; and Stortplaats (title means "Dumping Place"), Nederland 3, 1992; actor in the television movie Bloeiend Brabant (title means "Flowering Brabant"), broadcast 1992.


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Contributor to books. Contributor of nearly 300 articles to periodicals. Editor in chief, Milieu; member of editorial board, Business Strategy and the Environment, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, and European Nature.

SIDELIGHTS: Jan van der Straaten once told CA: "My primary motivation for writing is that I like to do it. It is a challenge to formulate interesting topics in such as way that others are inclined to spend their time reading it. If others tell me that they read something I have written and they liked it, I am quite happy.

"My main interest is the relationship between ecology and economic science. Nature and the environment are for me the most important issues in life. I believe that nature and the environment have an intrinsic value which has to be respected by mankind. Economic science has to contribute to that level of thinking; otherwise, there is no reason for economic science.

"Writing is only possible for me if I have a well-structured idea. In the process of writing, however, I take the freedom to go in directions that I have not noticed before. The process of writing itself is like a dream. I go on, completely absorbed by my will to express myself adequately, forgetting everything around me."*

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