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VAN DER MEER, Ron. Dutch, b. 1945. Genres: Children's fiction, Young adult fiction, Children's non-fiction, Young adult non-fiction. Career: Self- employed artist, designer, and paper engineer. Van der Meer Paper Design Ltd., Langley, Berkshire, director, 1985-. Research Fellow at Goldsmith's College, University of London, and Design Research Department, Royal College of Art, 1972-73; visiting teacher in drawing techniques with a drawing aid, Chorley Wood School for Girls with Little or No Sight, 1972-75; visiting lecturer, Goldsmith's College, University of London, 1972-76; lecturer, Graphic Design department, St. Martin's School of Art, 1973-85; visiting teacher in typography and calligraphy, Eton College, 1974-77; lecturer in Graphics Information department, Royal College of Art, 1976-; visiting lecturer, Middlesex Polytechnic, 1977-78. Designer and creator of games for Royal Society ROSPA and Globe Education; designer of toys and jigsaw puzzles; designer of pop-up television commercial; design consultant for Design Council, London. Has held exhibitionsin UK and Netherlands. Publications: WITH A. VAN DER MEER: (and illustrator) Basil and Boris in London, 1978; (and illustrator) Basil and Boris in North America, 1978; (and illustrator) Sammy and Mara, 1978; (and illustrator) My Brother Sammy, 1978; Naughty Sammy, 1979; Sammy and the Cat Party, 1979; Oh Lord!, 1979; (and illustrator) Penny and the Piglets, 1980; I'm Fed Up, 1981; Funny Fingers, 1982; Fungus the Bogeyman Pop-Up Book, 1982; Who's Afraid?, 1983; The Ghost Book, 1983; Where's the Mouse?, 1983; Where Is the Baby?, 1983; What Is Missing?, 1983; Who Eats What?, 1983; My Train, 1983; My Plane, 1983; My Motorbike, 1983; My Car, 1983; What Colour?, 1984; What Shape?, 1984; Who's Real?, 1984; Where's the Apple?, 1984; Roaring Lion Tales PopUp Book, 1984; First Arabian Pop-Up Book, 1984; My Boat, 1985; My Lorry, 1985; My Rocket, 1985; My Circus, 1985; Your Amazing Senses, 1987; Pigs at Home: A Picture Word Book, 1988; Fun with Shapes: A Spinning Wheel Book, 1990; Amazing Animal Senses, 1990; Fun with Animals: A Spinning Wheel Book, 1990; Fun with Numbers: A Spinning Wheel Book, 1990; Funny Hats, 1992. OTHER: (Illustrator) Joey, 1980; (co-author) Frank Muir's Big Dipper, 1981; Monster Island Pop-Up Book, 1981; The World's First Ever Pop-Up Games Book, 1982; The Pop-Up Book of Magic Tricks, 1983; The Case of the Kidnapped Dog, 1983; (with Dr. A. McGowan) Sailing Ships Pop-Up Book, 1984; Majesty in Flight: Nature's Birds of Prey in Three Dimensions, 1984; (with S. Gallagher) Inside the Personal Computer: An Illustrated Introduction in Three Dimensions, 1984; (with J. Hedgecoe) The Working Camera: The World's First Three- Dimensional Guide to Photography Made Easy, 1986; (with M. Jakubowski) The Great Movies-Live! A Pop-Up Book, 1987; (with B. Cole) Babette Cole's Beastly Birthday Book, 1990; The Birthday Cake: A Lift-the-Flap Pop-Up Book, 1992; (with C. and H. Frayling) The Art Pack: A Unique, Three-Dimensional Tour through the Creation of Art through the Centuries- What Artists Do, How They Do It, and the Masterpieces They Have Given Us, 1992; (with M. Berkeley) The Music Pack, 1994. Address: Rams Cottage, 39 Langley Rd., Langley, Berkshire SL3 7AH, England.

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