Tate, Claudia C. 1946-2002

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TATE, Claudia C. 1946-2002

OBITUARY NOTICE—See index for CA sketch: Born December 14, 1946, in Long Beach, NJ; died of lung cancer July 29, 2002, in Princeton, NJ. Educator and author. Tate was a noted scholar of African-American literature. Her 1968 undergraduate degree was from the University of Michigan, and she earned a Ph.D. in English and American literature and language from Harvard University in 1977. Tate then joined the faculty at Howard University as an associate professor of English in 1977; she left Howard in 1989 to become a professor of English at George Washington University until 1997, when she moved to Princeton University. As a scholarly critic of African-American writers, Tate was considered innovative in her approach, which took into account all psychological aspects of the writings she analyzed. Her creativity was also evident in the interviews she conducted in her groundbreaking book Black Women Writers at Work (1983). Tate also edited The Works of Katherine Davis Chapman Tillman (1991) and was the author of Domestic Allegories of Political Desire: The Black Heroine's Text at the Turn of the Century (1992) and Psychoanalysis and Black Novels: Desire and the Protocols of Race (1998).



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