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PERSONAL: Born in Providence, RI; daughter of Charles (a U.S. Air Force officer and NASA inspector) and Mary (a homemaker; maiden name, Gagliano) Mahoney; married J. Craig Shaw (divorced, 1990); children: Emily, Patricia, John Charles.

ADDRESSES: Home—Tallahassee, FL. Office—P.O. Box 535, Tallahassee, FL 32302. E-mail—[email protected].

CAREER: Wildlife rehabilitator, laboratory technician, and forensic psychology case manager; ordained minister. Founder and president of wild-animal rehabilitation facility, 1978-96.

AWARDS, HONORS: Commendation from Governor of Florida for providing free, humane care for injured and orphaned wildlife.


The Love Song of the Universe, Hampton Roads (Charlotteville, VA), 2001.

Contributor to periodicals.

SIDELIGHTS: Mary Sparrowdancer told CA: "On September 11, 1988—a day of extreme despair for me—I learned that I had cancer requiring disfiguring facial surgery. I was awakened at 4 a.m. the following day by a bright light shining upon me. I opened my eyes to find that there was a large sphere of light in my room, and a man standing within it. He invited me to come into the Light with him, and I complied, having a spectacular near-death experience. He then brought me back and asked me to tell other what I had experienced. He also healed the cancer so that surgery was no longer required.

"The encounter with the Light and the Teacher has continued to occur here, often accompanied by the manifestations of physical objects, including ancient pottery and small white stones. Several miraculous healings have also taken place here. His regular visits and messages are the subject of my books and talks on syndicated radio. I am currently working on a second book at this time detailing his ongoing call for compassion."

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