Salgado, Cesar Augusto

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Salgado, Cesar Augusto


Education: Yale University, Ph.D.


Office—University of Texas at Austin, BEN 2.116, 1 University Station B3700, Austin, TX 78712-1155. E-mail[email protected]


Writer and educator. University of Texas at Austin, associate professor.


Zona templada, Comision Puertorriquena para la Celebracion del Descubrimeiento de America y Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico), 1993.

From Modernism to Neobaroque: Joyce and Lezama Lima, Bucknell University Press (Lewisburg, PA), 2000.

Contributor to periodicals, including Ploughshares.


Writer and educator Cesar Augusto Salgado is an associate professor of contemporary Spanish and American prose, with a specialization in twentieth-century Spanish-American literature. A writer on the University of Texas at Austin Web site noted that Salgado's research interests span areas such as contemporary Latin American and Caribbean fiction; comparative modernism; Latin American fiction as influenced by the works of James Joyce; and the new archival novel in Latin America.

Salgado is the author of From Modernism to Neobaroque: Joyce and Lezama Lima, a comparative study of important works by Joyce and Cuban author Lima. He compares Joyce's novels A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man, Ulysses, and Finnegans Wake with Lima's Paradiso and Oppiano Licario. In studying the common aesthetic in the work of Joyce and Lima, Salgado reaches his conclusions through "the close textual study, not only of the novels concerned, but also of the critical debates" they have engendered in critical and literary circles around the world, noted reviewer Alexis Grohmann in the Modern Language Review. Salgado notes that Lima assimilated Joyce's aesthetics through a process of influence and the general adoption of High Modernism into Latin American literature. He also locates and compares common characteristics of the two writers' works, including elements such as "various types of imagery, mythical schemata, the influence of Vico's New Science, and neologisms," Grohmann observed. Grohmann concluded that Salgado's book stands as a "lucid account which displays considerable virtues in its detailed documentation and handling of complex texts, ideas, and issues."



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