Rowe, Rebecca K. 1965-

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Rowe, Rebecca K. 1965-


Born 1965; married. Education: University of Denver, M.A. (mass communications and journalism); University of Southern California, M.A. (international relations).


Home—Denver, CO. E-mail—[email protected].


Freelance writer.


National Space Society, Mars Society, Northern Colorado Writers' Workshop, Denver Woman's Press Club.


Forbidden Cargo (science fiction novel), Edge (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), 2006.

Also author of short fiction. Contributor of poetry to periodicals, including Polyphony, Ascent, and Sol.


Science fiction novelist, poet, and short-story writer Rebecca K. Rowe is the author of Forbidden Cargo, a work that "blends high-concept sci-fi storytelling with flashy visual descriptions and action-packed sequences," observed School Library Journal contributor Matthew L. Moffett. Set in 2110, Forbidden Cargo concerns the Imagofas, a group of humans who have been genetically altered with nanotechnology by a scientific organization known as the Order. Raised on Mars, the Imagofas represent the next stage in human evolution. As they reach adulthood, their existence becomes a concern to the Interplanetary Council, which has banned genetic engineering and views the enhanced abilities of the Imagofas as a threat to humankind. Agents of the council abduct a pair of Imagofas named Sashimu and Thesni, and then bring them to Earth to stand trial. When the young women are separated, Sashimu is befriended by Creid Xerkler, the inventor of the Molecular Advantage Machine; the Cadet, a highly skilled gamer; and Prometheus, an artificial intelligence.

According to National Space Society contributor Brian L. Enke, "Forbidden Cargo is an exciting page-turner, a non-stop explosion of action and adventure filled with memorable characters." Reviewing the novel in Kliatt, Sherry Hoy stated that Rowe's "virtual reality sequences are seamless and believable," and Emerald City critic Cheryl Morgan remarked: "The complexity of the plot shows that Rowe has a lot of promise as a novelist."



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