Rogers, Michael

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ROGERS, Michael


Born in Trinidad. Education: Yale University School of Drama, M.F.A.


Actor, producer, and production manager. Actor in stage productions, including Finding the Sun, University of California, Irvine, 1984; A Play of Giants, Yale Repertory Theater, New Haven, CT, 1984; Othello, New York, NY, 1990; Believing, New York, NY, 1990; We Bombed in New Haven, New York, NY, 1991; (as Horatio) Hamlet, California Shakespeare Festival, Orinda, 2000; King John, New York, NY, 2000; (as Diomedes) Troilus and Cressida, New York, NY, 2001; Everything That Rises Must Converge, New York, NY, 2001; and Julius Caesar, Broadway, 2003; also appeared in Comedy of Errors and Othello, both New York, NY. Director of stage production Por'knockers, New York, NY, 1995. Actor in films, including (as Francis Lungley) The Mosquito Coast, Warner Bros., 1986; (as voice of race track policeman) Cheetah, Buena Vista, 1989; (as electrocuted gunman) Run, Buena Vista, 1991; (as Sully) The Hitman, Cannon, 1991; (as island cop) Weekend at Bernie's II, TriStar, 1993; (as Markle) Heaven's Tears, Blockbuster Video, 1994; (as henchman) The Shooter (also known as Hidden Assassin), Dimension Films, 1995; (as Paul Travkin) Dangerous Prey, Monarch Home Video, 1995; (as large man) Mission: Impossible, Paramount, 1996; Under the Bridge, ATHOS Film Distribution, 1996; (as Haverly) Sleeping Dogs, 1997; Side Streets, Cargo Films, 1997; (as first man) 2 Extra Days, UNcover disCOVER Productions, 1998; (as General Thomas) Act of War, North American Pictures, 1998; (as Admiral Hale) Last Stand, Blockbuster Video, 2000; (as Sergeant) Crackerjack 3, Monarch Home Video, 2000; (as Tulsa bartender) Duets, Buena Vista, 2000; (as Canadian cameraman) Harrison's Flowers, 2000; (as Agent Willie) Epicenter, 2000; (as Stan) Children of the Corn: Revelation, 2001; (as Colonel Durant) Starfire Mutiny, 2002; (as Detective Givens) Hellraiser: Hellseeker, 2002; The Dead Zone, 2002; (as Billy Smith) Deadly Engagement, 2003; and (as Carleton) The Final Victim (also known as Girl Camp: Chained Vengeance and Tears at Dawn), 2003; also appeared in Dance of the Quantum Cats and Moonfire. Producer of film Maisy's Garden, Feature Workshops, 1999. Production manager of films, including Crackerjack 2 (also known as Hostage Train), North American Releasing, 1996; Dead Fire, [Canada], 1997; Sleeping Dogs, 1997; and Escape Velocity, 1998. Line producer of films, including Sleeping Dogs, [Canada, United States, and the Czech Republic], 1997; Act of War, North American Pictures, 1998; Escape Velocity, North American Releasing, 1998; Lethal Target, Blockbuster Video, 1999; Fatal Conflict (also known as The Prey), North American Releasing, 2000; Last Stand, Blockbuster Video, 2000; Rage of the Innocents (also known as Chained Heat 2001: Slave Lovers), North American Releasing, 2000; Chained Rage: Slave to Love, 2001; Dakota Bound (also known as White Slave Lovers), 2001; Killer Love, 2002; Starfire Mutiny, 2002; Cries of Innocence (also known as Forbidden Rage: White Slave Secrets), 2002; Ariana's Quest, 2002; Deadly Engagement, 2003; and The Final Victim (also known as Girl Camp: Chained Vengeance and Tears at Dawn), 2003. Actor in television series, including (as Nat) Kay O'Brien, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), 1986. Actor in television movies, including (as John) Slow Burn, Showtime, 1989; (as George) Posing: Inspired by Three Real Stories (also known as I Posed for Playboy), CBS, 1991; (as David Grimes) Dead Ahead: The Exxon Valdez Disaster (also known as Disaster at Valdez), Home Box Office (HBO), 1992; (as photographer) Still Not Quite Human, 1992; (as Donald Culver) For the Love of Aaron, 1994; (as Deputy Rich) Badge of Betrayal, American Broadcasting Companies (ABC), 1996; (as Frank) Max Q, ABC, 1998; (as Dave) Heaven's Fire, Fox Family Channel, 1999; and (as Reporter Jay) Ice Angel (also known as On Thin Ice: Going for the Gold), Fox Family Channel, 2000. Unit production manager of television movie Downdraft, Showtime, 1996. Guest star on television shows, including MacGyver, The X-Files, The Commish, and Dead Man's Gun.



(With Gordon Currie) Two Extra Days, UNcover disCOVER Productions, 1998.



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