Raymond, Marcel 1897-1981

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Raymond, Marcel 1897-1981


Born October 20, 1897, in Geneva, Switzerland; died, 1981.


Writer, critic, and educator. L'University of Geneva, Switzerland, professor of French literature, 1936-62.


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Also author of Regards sur la littérature française; Éléments de notre destin littéraire, (Saint-Jean, France), 1941; author of prefaces and introductions to numerous books; author of numerous critical articles for various periodicals, including Nouvelle releve. Editor, with Jacques Rousseau, of New Quebec Stations for Woodsia Glabella R. Br., by Jean-Jacques Rousseau (Helsinki, Finland), 1955, and Lettres 1728-1778,by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, (Lausanne, Switzerland), 1959; author of numerous critical articles for various periodicals, including Nouvelle releve.

Author's papers are housed in the Manuscripts Department of the Bibliothéque Publique et Universitaire, Geneva, Switzerland; books have been published in foreign languages, including German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and Portuguese.


Marcel Raymond was a Swiss literary critic who was associated with the Geneva School of Literary Criticism. This school of criticism is characterized by several elements, including a focus on the recurrent obsessions found in an author's works. Raymond is also known for a method of literary criticism referred to as phenomenology, which is a belief that art stems from within the minds of artists as they contemplate ideas or objects, which have no real existence outside of the mind of the artist. In addition, Raymond is credited with being the first literary critic to apply the terms "Baroque" and "mannerist" when explaining works of literature from the sixteenth and seventeenth century.

One of Raymond's most respected critical works isFrom Baudelaire to Surrealism, which has become a classic literary history. A contributor to Choice called the book an "authoritative study of the forces shaping modern French poetry." Among Raymond's other works is La poésie francaise et le maniérisme, 1546-1610(?), in which the author delves in the literary, critical aspects of "mannerism," which he breaks down into five distinct characteristics. Writing in the Modern Language Review, R.A. Sayce called the book "a small masterpiece of criticism in the delicacy of its approach, in its freedom from all dogmatism." Sayce went on to comment that the author "is most successful in relating many disparate elements in a single view, for example in his account of the French vision of Italy or the remarkable summary of sixteenth-century French Art." A Choice contributor noted: "A delightful book also for non-complacent amateurs."

In Études sur Jacques Rivière, Raymond presents an analysis of the works of the French writer Rivière, with a special focus on the author's personality and influence on other French writers. A contributor to theTimes Literary Supplement commented that the author displays "his customary thoroughness and perception" but added that the book, is "more a source book for future writers than a detailed appreciation." The author discusses dream-like states of perception as described and/or experienced by various writers in his book Romantisme et rêverie. David Bellos, writing in Modern Language Today, noted, "There is much pleasure to be had from this series of brief meditations."

The author turns the focus on himself with Ecrit au Crepuscule: pages dispersées, which is a collection of brief writings in which the author recalls dreams, various impressions, and certain brief episodes in his life. Written in the latter stages of his life, the memoir includes reminiscences of Raymond's youth as well his later life and his thoughts concerning his late wife. The author also discusses such various topics as literature, politics, and religion. Peter Spycher, writing in World Literature Today, noted: "Raymond's book can be read as a widely and harmoniously written ‘human breviary.’"



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