Ray, John (Philip) 1929-

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RAY, John (Philip) 1929-

(Philip Lovegrove)


Born May 5, 1929, in London, England; son of John Albert (a railwayman) and Grace (Lovegrove) Ray; married Mary Creese, March 31, 1951; children: Susan, Margaret, Jennifer. Education: Attended Goldsmiths' College, London, 1946-48, and City Literary Institute (as extramural student), 1951-55; University of Kent (Canterbury, Kent, England), Ph.D., 1992. Religion: Church of England. Hobbies and other interests: The novels of Graham Greene, cricket, brass rubbing, boxing, old cars, drinking rum.


Home—Cherrytrees, 10 Exeter Close, Tonbridge, Kent, England.


Schoolmaster and teacher of history and other subjects in British schools, 1948—, Hugh Christie School, Tonbridge, Kent, deputy headmaster. Military service: British Army, national service.


Historical Association, Royal Historical Society (fellow), Society of Authors, Crime Writers Association.


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The Second World War: A Narrative History, Cassell (London, England), 1999.

The Battle of Britain: Dowding and the First Victory, Cassell (London, England), 2000.

Contributor to books, including the Dictionary of National Biography.


John Ray has drawn on his long career as a secondary school history teacher in writing many textbooks on his subject. Regarding The Second World War: A Narrative History, a Publishers Weekly contributor noted that his coverage of the Eastern, African, and Far Eastern Fronts is "satisfying to a degree rarely found in more detailed, specialized, or intimate accounts." Booklist's Jay Freeman commented that Ray "writes in a clear, unadorned prose that is easily digested" and called the history "a valuable resource."



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