Raybould, (Robert) Clarence

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Raybould, (Robert) Clarence (b Birmingham, 1886; d Bideford, 1972). Eng. conductor, pianist, and composer. First to take B.Mus. degree at Birmingham Univ., 1912. Assisted Boughton at early Glastonbury Fests., working later with Beecham Opera Co. and BNOC. Toured Brit. as pianist and accompanist and worked for Columbia Graphophone Co. 1927–31. Joined BBC 1936. Ass. cond. BBCSO 1939–45. Cond. f. Brit. ps. (concert) of Cardillac 1936 and Mathis der Maler 1939. Founded Nat. Youth Orch. of Wales 1945, cond. until 1966. His opera The Sumida River (anticipating Britten's Curlew River) was perf. in Birmingham 1916.