Lamoureux, Florence 1932-

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Lamoureux, Florence 1932-

PERSONAL: Born November 24, 1932, in Coventry, RI; daughter of Howard K. (a small-business operator) and Myrtle (an elementary schoolteacher) Kettelle; married Charles H. Lamoureux (a university professor), August 28, 1954 (deceased); children: Mark H., Anne M. Ethnicity:“Caucasian.”Education: University of Rhode Island, B.A., 1954; University of Hawaii at Manoa, M.A., 1980.

ADDRESSES: Home— Honolulu, HI. E-mail— [email protected]

CAREER: National Biological Institute, Bogor, Indonesia, English language teacher to Indonesian scientists, 1972-73, 1979-80; University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, administrative assistant and program coordinator for Centers for Southeast Asian and Philippine Studies, 1982-91, and National Resource Center for Southeast Asian Studies, 1991-97, associate director of Center for Southeast Asian Studies, 1997-2004; retired, 2004. Language Learning Unlimited, Honolulu, English language teacher, 1981; leader of study tours.


(Translator) Mochtar Lubis, The Indonesian Dilemma, Graham Brash (Singapore), 1982.

(Editor, with Soenjono Dardowidjojo, and contributor of translations) Mochtar Lubis, In the Surau: Seven Islamic Short Stories from Indonesia, Southeast Asian Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa (Honolulu, HI), 1983.

(Translator) Mochtar Lubis, Tiger! (novel), Select Books (Singapore), 1991.

Indonesia: A Global Studies Handbook, American Bibliographical Center-Clio Press (Santa Barbara, CA), 2003.

Also translator of shorter works. Contributor to periodicals, including Social Science Record. Education about Asia, past member of editorial board.

SIDELIGHTS: Florence Lamoureux told CA:“I was fortunate to live in Indonesia in 1972 and 1973 during my husband’s sabbatical leave. I returned home with the intent of learning more about this unique Asian country, and as a result I began to study its language, history, and culture. My career as a writer began as a translator of short stories from Indonesian into English. I went on to translate a detailed essay on environmental issues and later a novel. The Indonesian journalist and activist Mochtar Lubis wrote both. I also translated a book of short stories by Lubis that were written in 1955: an interesting period in Indonesia’s history of seeking independence from the Dutch. Lubis was my primary inspiration as an author. I not only admire the style in which he wrote, but I also agree with his philosophy.

“During my years at the University of Hawaii I wrote a variety of K-12 educational materials on Southeast Asian countries and issues. A high school level book on East Timor was my last publication for that center. I later wrote Indonesia: A Global Studies Handbook. It was especially enjoyable for me to write this book, as I got to research and explore Indonesian culture in great detail. I had lived in Indonesia for more than three years. I have also traveled extensively throughout the archipelago.”

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Lamoureux, Florence 1932-

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