Klymshyn, John 1959-

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KLYMSHYN, John 1959-


Born October 5, 1959, in New York, NY; married; children: two.


Home—Santa Clarita, CA. Office—Klymshyn: The Business Generator, 22713 Rio Bueno, Santa Clarita, CA 91354; 27951 Smyth Dr., Ste. 104, Valencia, CA 91354; 408 West 57th St., Ste. 3D, New York, NY 10019; fax: 661-979-6150. E-mail—[email protected]


Sales consultant, radio talk show host, sales manager, business trainer, entrepreneur, and author. Klymshyn: The Business Generator, Santa Clarita, CA, founder and head. Military service: U.S. Navy, c. 1980-84, served as cook and recruiter.


Move the Sale Forward: Position Yourself and Your Company to Make Things Happen, Silver Lake Publishing (Los Angeles, CA), 2003.

Contributor to publications, including National Hotel Executive.


During an almost twenty-year career as a sales professional, John Klymshyn has hosted a radio talk show, worked as a sales manager and sales consultant, recruited sailors for the U.S. Navy, and presented successful training programs and seminars to hundreds of fellow businesspeople. Despite his many business accomplishments, one goal remained unfulfilled: since he was twelve years old, Klymshyn wanted to write a book.

With Move the Sale Forward: Position Yourself and Your Company to Make Things Happen, Klymshyn achieved his dream and produced a book ranking "a notch above the pedantic norm of such works," commented Joe Vanacore in the Sacramento Business Journal. "It took seven months to write and the editing was blood curdling, but when I was handed the first copy, it was all worth it," Klymshyn related in an interview with Brian Franks in Santa Clara, California's Signal. "I met my goal."

Klymshyn "focuses on the necessity of a human and emotional connection for selling professionally" in almost any context, commented Susan Hurst in Library Journal. He advocates a number of techniques, including making sales calls in focused groups of twenty; using open-ended questions to elicit as much information from the client as possible; and maintaining control of the conversation with the client. In a Travel Agent profile of the entrepreneur and author by Tricia Holly, Klymshyn commented that such control "is the key to a successful sale," adding that "the first person to ask three questions consecutively has taken control of the conversation," Holly remarked. Klymshyn also emerges as a proponent of cold calling, a technique for making unsolicited sales calls to potential new clients.

Klymshyn entered the business world as a third-time entrepreneur, with his wife as his business partner, Franks reported. Klymshyn's company, Business Generator, presents a unique sales training program that he developed himself and that is designed to increase sales and gather new clients. Klymshyn's first attempt at creating a business to market the training program did not succeed, nor did a second business he started. However, when he decided to narrow the scope of his training program to businesses and associations in the employment, hotel, and commercial real estate areas, his company began to flourish. "I decided I would put into practice what I had been teaching," Franks quoted Klymshyn as saying.

Klymshyn believes that sales professionals need imagination in addition to discipline and organization in order to be successful, but he also discourages "overanalyzing" the many elements of the sales business, Vanacore commented. The book is a "useful tool for those in the sales field or others who wish to know more about it," Hurst concluded.



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