Klusâk, Jan

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Klusâk, Jan

Klusâk, Jan, Czech composer; b. Prague, April 18, 1934. He studied theory with Řídký and Bořkovec at the Prague Academy of Music (1953-57).


dramatic:Opera: Proces (The Trial), after Kafka (1966); Viola (1984-85); Zpráva pro akademii (Report for the Academy), chamber opera after Kafka (1993-97). Ballet: Stories from Tapestries (1988). Film: The Count of Monte Cristo (1993; for H. Fescourt’s silent film of 1928); Erotikon (1994). orch.: Concertino for Flute and Strings (1955); Partita for Strings (1955); 3 syms. (1956, 1959, 1960); Concerto Grosso for Wind Quintet and Strings (1957); Variations on a Theme of Mahler, after the latter’s 5th Sym. (1960-62); Inventions I (1961), II (1962), III (1962), IV (1964), VII (1973), and VIII, Quadratura orbis (Squaring of the Circle; 1973) for Chamber Orch.; 2 Czech Dances for Wind Orch. (1964); Lyric Fantasy, Hommage à Grieg (1965); Le Forgeron harmonieux, after Handel’s so-called Harmonious Blacksmith (1966); Pasticcio olandese per orchestra, A Friesland Friday (1969-70); Hamburger Doppelinven-tion (1974); Kleine Farbenlehre, Hommage à Goethe (1974-75); 6 Small Preludes (1984); Missing Mozart, fantasy for Chamber Orch. (1991); Concertino for Oboe and Small Orch. (1991); Tetragrammaton sive Nomina Eius (1992). chamber:Music to the Fountain for Wind Quintet (1954); 5 string quartets (1956; 1961-62; 1975; 1990; 1994); Obrazy (Pictures) for 12 Wind Instruments (1960); Monoinvention for Cello (1962); Risposte for Violin (1963); Sonata for Violin and Wind Instruments (1964-65); Invention V, Hra ν šachy (Game of Chess) for Wind Quintet (1965); 1-4-3-2-5-6-7-10-9-8-11 (invertible all- interval 12-tone series) for Flute (1965); Invention VI for Wind Quintet and String Quartet (1969); Contrapunto fiorito for 8 Instruments (1966); Short John for Cimbalom (1971);Jupiter-Duo for Clarinet and Cello (1973); Percussion Sonata (1974); Solo for Trumpet (1975-76); Die heilige Zahl, duo for Violin and Percussion (1975-76); Tango-Polka for Clarinet, Trumpet, Cello, and Piano (1980); Variations for 2 Harps (1982); Diario for Cello (1982); Once There Were 3 Goddesses for Brass Quintet and Harp (1983); Fantasia on Adam Michna of Otradovice for Brass Quintet and Harp (1983); èmidfi suita for 4 Saxophones (1983); Trigon for Flute, Marimba, and Guitar (1983); The Art of Harmony for 13 Winds and Double Bass (1992); Tuba Sonatina (1997); piano pieces. vocal:Prislovi (Proverbs) for Low Voice and Wind Instruments (1959); 4 Small Vocal Exercises for Narrator and 11 Wind Instruments, after Kafka (1960); Radix nativitatis I. S. (memorial for Igor Stravinsky) for Voice, Flute, Clarinet, Viola, and Piano (1972); Bridal Cantata 1979 for Men’s Chorus and Orch. (1979); The Moon in Zenith for Mezzo-soprano, Clarinet, Viola, and Piano, after Anna Akhmatova (1981); solo songs.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire