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Km. 0 ★★½ Kilometer Zero 2000 (R)

Good-natured romantic comedy takes its title from the marker in Madrid's Puerta del Sol plaza that designates the spot from which all road travel is measured. It's a popular meeting place as this mixed bag of stories show. Actress Silvia (Pons) forgets she's to meet her sister's friend, Pedro (Fuentes), and Pedro mistakes hooker Tatiana (Matilla) for Silvia. Tatiana thinks Pedro is her new client, but that's actually virginal Sergio (San Juan), who's comforted instead by kindly gay Maximo (del Rio). Lonely Benjamin (Garcia) is mistaken for the Internet date of hottie Bruno (Ullate) and neglected wife Marga (Velasco) finds her meeting with escort Miguel (Cabrero) doesn't go as planned. Amor in all its follies. Spanish with subtitles. 108m/C DVD . SP Carlos Fuentes, Merce Pons, Georges Corraface, Elisa Matilla, Armando Del Rio, Jesus Cabrero, Tristan Ulloa, Alberto San Juan, Concha Velasco, Victor Ullate Jr., Miguel Garcia; D: Juan Luis Iborra, Yolanda Garcia Serrano; W: Juan Luis Iborra, Yolanda Garcia Serrano; C: Angel Luis Fernandez; M: Joan Bibiloni.