Kim, Derek (D.) (Johnny Kim)

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KIM, Derek (D.) (Johnny Kim)


Name officially changed to Johnny Kim, August 2002; born November 30, in Seoul, South Korea; married Candi Lee (also known as Kristi Kim), May, 2000. Education: Attended San Francisco State University, c. late 1980s; also studied Chinese philosophy and horoscopes under Jung Sook Kim, martial arts under Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh and Grandmaster Yuen Baie Kim, and directing under James Nam.


Office—c/o Gtek Media, Inc., 3450 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 302, Los Angeles, CA. E-mail—[email protected].


Actor, director, producer, composer, and screenwriter; co-owner (with Candi Lee) of the production company DerekO Entertainment. Actor in films, including (as Seaman Chulso Lee) Outbreak, Warner Bros., 1995; (uncredited, as lab tech) Virtuosity, Paramount, 1995; (as Chinese worker; and casting assistant) White Cargo, Third Coast Entertainment, 1995; (uncredited, as hotel clerk) Dunston Checks In, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1996; (as Korean newscaster) Independence Day, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1996; (uncredited, as busboy) The Rich Man's Wife, Buena Vista, 1996; (as Asian model) Psycho Sushi, 1997; (as guy on a street) A Moment of Confusion, 1998; (as martial artist) Infinite Round, 1999; (as Jung, Dae-Ho; and advisor) Swiri (also known as Shiri), Samuel Goldwyn Films, 1999; (as Deric Kim the limo driver) Impact Zone, 2000; (as Jin) Camp Ninja, Brimstone Entertainment, 2000; (as Wang the Chinese food delivery boy) Barrio Masters, Iron Works Motion Pictures, Inc., 2000; (as undercover cop; and first assistant director) Soap Girl, 2002; (as Mr. O, X, Z; and producer and first assistant director) Secret of the Five Fingers (also known as Amazing Grace), 2002; and (as Langwood Lee) Raspberry & Lavendar, 2003. Also worked on other films, including (stand-in) Fist of the North Star, 1995; (body-double/shadow) Batman Forever, 1995; (Korean translator) Eye for an Eye, Paramount, 1996; (executive producer) En Garde, 1997; (producer) A Moment of Confusion, 1998; (beauty product consultant) The Eyes of Tammy Faye, 2000; (beauty product consultant) How the Grinch Stole Christmas, 2000; (yak hair provider) Planet of the Apes, 2001; and (art director) Hi Frank!, 2002. Appeared on and art director for the television series Weekly World News, USA Network, 1996. Guest star on television series, includ Burke's Law, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), 1995, and Courthouse, CBS, 1995. World Kuk Sool Won Association, San Francisco, CA, martial arts instructor, 1986-89. Former lead guitarist for NOMEN (hard rock band), c. late 1980s; bassist for L.B.L. (a Christian rock band). Produced, sang lead vocals on, and played all of the instruments for the single "Bonjour, Lady!," 1992.


The Life Story of Derek Dexter (comic book), 1993.


(And producer) Infinite Rounds, 1999.

(And producer and second unit director) Impact Zone, 2000.

(With Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Tony T. L. Young; and director and producer) Camp Ninja, Brimstone Entertainment, 2000.

(And director and producer) Barrio Masters, Iron Works Motion Pictures, Inc., 2000.

(With Samantha Lee and Tony T.L. Young; and director, producer (as Johnny Kim), and executive producer) Raspberry & Lavender, 2003.

Also wrote the scores for the films Impact Zone, 2000; Camp Ninja, Brimstone Entertainment, 2000; Barrio Masters, Iron Works Motion Pictures, Inc., 2000; and Raspberry & Lavender, 2003; and the song "Bonjour, Lady!," 1992.



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