Hurvitz, Yair 1941-1988

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HURVITZ, Yair 1941-1988

PERSONAL: Born 1941, in Tel Aviv, Israel; died from heart failure 1988, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

CAREER: Poet. Worked as a typesetter and proofreader.


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Authors works included in anthologies of Hebrew poetry, such as After the First Rain: Israeli Poems on War and Peace, Syracuse University Press (Syracuse, NY), 1998.

SIDELIGHTS: Yair Hurvitz lived his entire life in Tel Aviv, Israel, and was known as one of the "Tel-Aviv Poets," a group of Israeli poets who emerged in the 1960s. Other poets in this group included Meir Weiseltier, Ahon Shabtai, and Yona Wallach. Writing in Hebrew, Hurvitz and his fellow avant-garde poets believed the poetry of the 1950s to be repressive and experimented with new poetic forms in an effort to make a break from earlier Hebrew poetic forms. The Tel Aviv Poets, as they became known, conducted readings at universities, hotels, and nightclubs and sometimes would mix readings of English and Hebrew poetry and music. They often sold broadsheets of their poetry at these readings, which were usually well attended. The group often published in the Hebrew literary journals Achsahv and Siman Kriah.

Hurvitz, who made his living as a typesetter and proofreader, became known for his restrained style and the underlying sadness of his poems as he ruminated on mortality. In addition to his several volumes of poetry, Hurvitz's verse can also be found in many Hebrew poetry anthologies. He was also interested in Scottish poetry and in 1988 translated an anthology of poetry from that region. Hurvitz died from heart failure in 1988.



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