Grubb, Jeff 1957–

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Grubb, Jeff 1957–

PERSONAL: Born August 27, 1957, in Pittsburgh, PA; married Kate Novak (a writer). Education: Trained as a civil engineer.

ADDRESSES: Home—Seattle, WA. Office—Wizards of the Coast, Inc., P.O. Box 707, Renton, WA 98057.

CAREER: TSR Inc., Renton, WA, former game designer; Wizards of Coast, Inc., Renton, WA, game designer. Co-creator of game "Dragonlance;" cofounder of game setting "Forgotten Realms;" creator of games "Marvel Super Heroes," "Spelljammer," and "Al-Qadim;" also creator of computer games.


City in Darkness (novel), TSR Inc. (Lake Geneva, WI), 1986, published as The Amazing Spider-Man: City in Darkness, Puffin Books (Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England), 1987.

Manual of the Planes: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, TSR Inc. (Lake Geneva, WI), 1987.

(With Kate Novak) Forgotten Realms: Azure Bonds (novel in "Finder 's Stone Trilogy"), TSR Inc. (Lake Geneva, WI), 1988.

(With Ed Greenwood) Adventures: An Updated Tour of the Heartlands AD&D 2nd Edition Game (nonfiction), TSR Inc. (Lake Geneva, WI), 1990.

(With Kate Novak) The Wyvern's Spur (novel in "Finder's Stone Trilogy"), TSR Inc. (Lake Geneva, WI), 1990.

(With Kate Novak) Forgotten Realms: Song of the Saurials (novel in "Finder's Stone Trilogy"), TSR Inc. (Lake Geneva, WI), 1991.

(With Ed Greenwood) Cormyr (novel), TSR Inc. (Lake Geneva, WI), 1996.

The Brothers' War (novel), TSR Inc. (Renton, WA), 1998.

The Gathering Dark (novel), TSR Inc. (Renton, WA), 1999.

The Shattered Alliance (novel), Wizards Publishing (Renton, WA), 2000.

(With Bruce R. Cordell and others) Enemies and Allies: A Dungeons and Dragons Accessory (computer game), 2001.

Other novels with Kate Novak include Masquerade, Finder's Bane, and Tymora's Luck. Work included in anthologies The Dragons of Krynn: Fool's Gold; The Dragons at War: Boom; The Dragons of Chaos: The Star-Shard; Realms of Valor: Afterword; Realms of Magic: Smoke, Powder, and Mirrors; Realms of the Arcane: Tertius and the Artefact; and Realms of Mystery: The Devil and Tertius Wands. Contributor to other books, including Lord Toede (novel); The War of the Lance: Clockwork Hero; and Tales of Ravenloft: The Judgement of abd-al-Mamat. Contributor of short stories to periodicals, including Dragon, and to publications of Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

WORK IN PROGRESS: The Eternal Ice, a novel.



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