Lake Geneva

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Lake Geneva, Fr. Lac Léman (läk lāmäN´), crescent-shaped lake, 224 sq mi (580 sq km), c.45 mi (70 km) long, on the Swiss-French border, between the Alps and the Jura mts. About 134 sq. mi. are Swiss and 90 French. It has a maximum depth of 1,017 ft (310 m). The Rhône River traverses the lake, emerging at the western end at the city of Geneva. Noted for its deep blue and remarkably transparent waters, the lake is dotted with numerous resorts and villas. The northern (Swiss) shore is bounded by sloping vineyards and orchards. The lake is subject to seiches, tidal fluctuations that suddenly change the lake's level. A region of great scenic beauty, Lake Geneva has been the favorite theme of many writers (notably Rousseau and Byron). Lausanne and Montreux are other large lakeside cities.

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Geneva, Lake (Fr. Lac Léman, Ger. Genfersee) Lake in sw Switzerland and e France. Crescent-shaped, it lies between the Alps and the Jura Mountains. Its s shore forms part of the French-Swiss border. It is drained to the w by the River Rhône. Length: 72km (45mi). Width: up to 14km (9mi). Area: 580sq km (224sq mi).