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Alps Mountain system in s central Europe, extending c.1200km (750mi) in a broad arc from near the Gulf of Genoa on the Mediterranean Sea through France, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, and Slovenia. The system was formed by the collision of the European and African tectonic plates. Glaciers form the headwaters of many major European rivers, including the Rhine, Rhône, and Po. The highest peak is Mont Blanc, at 4807m (15,771ft). Other peaks include the Matterhorn.

views updated

Alps (pl.) XIV. — F. Alpes — L. Alpēs = Gr. Álpeis, variously expl. as (i) ‘white’ (cf. ALBION), and (ii) ‘high’ (cf. the Italic names of towns in high positions).
So alpine XV. — L.