Gruber, Karl (1881-1927)

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Gruber, Karl (1881-1927)

Professor of biology and zoology at Munich Polytechnic, Germany, and a noted psychical researcher. Gruber was born in Freiburg on October 30, 1881. His background in biology led to an interest in the claims of paranormal abilities in animals. In 1923 he studied the Elberfeld horses, and later investigated Rolf, the "talking" dog of Mannheim. He also studied supernormal phenomena in conjunction with Rudolf Tischner and Baron Schrenck-Notzing. He did valuable work in the elucidation of the problem of clairvoyance and psychometry. His conclusions were detailed in his Parapsychologische Erkenntnisse (1925) and in a posthumously published volume, Okkultismus und Biologie.


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