Estridge, Robin 1920- (Philip Loraine, Robert York)

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ESTRIDGE, Robin 1920-
(Philip Loraine, Robert York)


Born 1920.


Home—CA and France. Agent—Rochelle Stevens, 2 Terrets Pl., Upper St., London NI 1Q2, England.


Author. Has worked as a journalist in London, England, and as a dishwasher in Paris, France. Military service: Served in the Royal Navy.



The Future Is Tomorrow, Davies (London, England), 1947.

The Publican's Wife, Davies (London, England), 1948.

Meeting on the Shore, Davies (London, England), 1949.

Return of a Hero, Davies (London, England), 1950, published as Sword without Scabbard, Morrow (New York, NY), 1950.

The Olive Tree, Morrow (New York, NY), 1953.

A Cuckoo's Child, Davies (London, England), 1969.

(Under pseudonym Robert York) The Swords of December, Scribner (New York, NY), 1978.

(Under pseudonym Robert York) My Lord the Fox, Constable (London, England), 1984.


White Lie the Dead, Hodder & Stoughton (London, England), 1950, published as And to My Beloved Husband—, Mill (New York, NY), 1950.

Exit with Intent: The Story of a Missing Comedian, Hodder & Stoughton (London, England), 1950.

The Break in the Circle, Mill (New York, NY), 1951, published as Outside the Law, Pocket Books (New York, NY), 1953.

The Dublin Nightmare, Hodder & Stoughton (London, England), 1952, published as Nightmare in Dublin, Mill (New York, NY), 1952.

The Angel of Death, Mill (New York, NY), 1961.

Day of the Arrow, Mill (New York, NY), 1964, published as The Eye of the Devil, Fontana (London, England), 1966, published as 13, Lancer (New York, NY), 1966.

W.I.L. One to Curtis, Random House (New York, NY), 1967.

The Dead Men of Sestos, Random House (New York, NY), 1968.

A Mafia Kiss, Random House (New York, NY), 1969.

Photographs Have Been Sent to Your Wife, Random House (New York, NY), 1971.

Voices in an Empty Room, Collins (London, England), 1973, Random House (New York, NY), 1974.

Ask the Rattlesnake, Collins (London, England), 1975, published as Wrong Man in the Mirror, Random House (New York, NY), 1975.

Lions' Ransom, Collins (London, England), 1980.

Sea-Change, Collins (London, England), 1982, St. Martin's (New York, NY), 1983.

Death Wishes, St. Martin's (New York, NY), 1983.

Loaded Questions, Collins (London, England), 1985, St. Martin's (New York, NY), 1986.

Last Shot, St. Martin's (New York, NY), 1986.

Crackpot, Crime Club (London, England), 1993.

In the Blood, Crime Club (London, England), 1994.

Ugly Money, Crime Club (London, England), 1996.


Author of numerous screenplays, including (with John Gilling) House of Darkness, 1948; A Day to Remember, 1953; (with George Tabori) The Young Lovers (also known as Chance Meeting), 1954; (with John Baines) Simba, 1955; Above Us the Waves, 1955; Checkpoint, 1956; (with Hammond Innes) Campbell's Kingdom, 1957; Dangerous Exile, 1957; North West Frontier (also known as Flame over India), 1959; Escape from Zahrain, 1962; (with Arthur Hoerl) Drums of Africa, 1963; (with Denis Murphy) Eye of the Devil, 1966; The Boy Cried Murder, 1966; and Permission to Kill, 1975.


Robin Estridge is best known as the author of crime novels under the pseudonym Philip Loraine, including Lions' Ransom, the occult-tinged Voices in an Empty Room, and the spy story Sea-Change. Recognized for creating well-rounded characters, he is known for setting his stories in a wide variety of locations, including California, Vienna, Africa, San Francisco, and Sicily.



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