Estrosa (or Istrumsa), Daniel

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ESTROSA (or Istrumsa), DANIEL

ESTROSA (or Istrumsa ), DANIEL (1582?–1653), Salonikan rabbi and halakhist. Estrosa was born in Salonika and studied under Isaac Franco and Mordecai *Kalai. He was apparently appointed as head of the famous yeshivah of the community known as "Portugala Yaḥya" during the latter years of Kalai's life. Among his pupils were David *Conforte, Gershon b. Abraham Motal, and Gabriel Esperanza. He died in Salonika during a plague. The only one of Estrosa's works published under his own name is Magen Gibborim (Salonika, 1754), responsa. It contains valuable glosses on the readings of Maimonides' Yad and of Jacob b. Asher's Tur. Other known works by him are included in the publications of others: his Kunteres Shemot ha-Gittin in the Yerekh Avraham, pt. 1 (Salonika, 1815), 1a–4b, of his grandson, Ḥayyim Abraham Estrosa, who also included his grandfather's novellae on chapter three of tractate Avodah Zarah in his Ben Avraham (Salonika, 1826); glosses on the Tur, Ḥoshen Mishpat, in the Doresh Mishpat (Salonika, 1655) of Solomon b. Samuel Florentin; and his halakhic decisions in the works of his colleagues and disciples.


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