Estro armonico, L’

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Estro armonico, L’ (Harmonious Inspiration). Title of Vivaldi's Op.3, 12 concs. for various instrs., pubd. Amsterdam 1711, 6 of which were transcr. by J. S. Bach. Comprised conc. in D for 4 vn. (RV549), in G minor for 2 vn. and vc. (RV578), in G for vn. (Bach BWV978, RV310), in E minor for 4 vn. (RV550), in A for 2 vn. (RV519), in A minor for vn. (RV356), in F for 4 vn. and vc. (RV567), in A minor for 2 vn. (Bach BWV593, RV522), in D for vn. (Bach BWV972, RV230), in B minor for 4 vn. and vc. (Bach BWV1065, RV580), in D minor for 2 vn. and vc. (Bach BWV596, RV565), in E for vn. (Bach BWV976, RV265).