Cooper, Irving S(teiger) 1882-1935

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COOPER, Irving S(teiger) 1882-1935


Born March 16, 1882, in Santa Barbara, CA; died January 17, 1935, in Hollywood, CA; married Susan L. Warfield, c. 1927. Education: University of California, graduated.


National lecturer in theosophy; secretary to theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater in India; lecturer in Australia, 1917; ordained priest of Liberal Catholic Church, 1918, appointed regionary bishop for United States, based in Hollywood, CA, 1919; touring lecturer, 1926. Creator of St. Alban's Cathedral, Hollywood.


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Also affiliated with preparation of The Liturgy of the Mass, 1917, revised edition published as The Liturgy of the Holy Eucharist, 1918.



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Ubique, March, 1935.*

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Cooper, Irving S(teiger) 1882-1935

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