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COOPER, Jeanne 1928–


Original name, Wilma Jeanne Cooper; born October 25, 1928, in Taft, CA; married Harry Bernsen (a producer), 1954 (divorced, 1977); children: Corbin Bernsen (an actor), Collin Bernsen (an actor), Caren Bernsen (an actress). Education: Studied at Pasadena Playhouse; attended College of the Pacific.

Career: Actress. Founder of the Katherine Chancellor Society, a volunteer support network; affiliated with various organizations and charities; appeared in infomercials and personal appearances.

Awards, Honors: Emmy Award nomination, outstanding performance in a supporting role, 1962, for "But Linda Only Smiled," Ben Casey; Soap Opera Digest Award nomination, outstanding actress in a supporting role on a daytime serial, 1986, Soap Opera Digest Award nominations, outstanding actress in a leading role on a daytime serial, 1988 and 1990, Daytime Emmy Award nominations, outstanding lead actress in a drama series, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1999, and 2000, Soap Opera Digest awards, outstanding actress in a leading role on a daytime serial and editor's choice, 1989, MVP Award, Soap Opera Update, 1990, and First Americans in the Arts Award, best actress in a daytime drama, 1998, all for The Young and the Restless; Emmy Award nomination, outstanding guest performer in a drama series, 1987, for "Fry Me to the Moon," L.A. Law; Woman of the Year Award, Pasadena Playhouse Alumni and Associates, 1989; received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, 1993; Lifetime Achievement Award, Daytime Emmy awards, 2004.


Television Appearances; Series:

Grace Douglas, Bracken's World, NBC, 1969–1970.

Katherine "Kay" Chancellor Thurston Sterling, The Young and the Restless (also known as Y&R), CBS, beginning 1973.

Marge Cotrooke (some sources cite Marge Cootridge), The Young and the Restless (also known as Y&R), CBS, 1989–1990.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Ma Prentiss, "Willie and the Yank" (also known as "Mosby's Marauders"), Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, NBC, 1967.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Della Martin, The Mystery of Edward Sims, 1968.

Mrs. Withers, Sweet Hostage, 1975.

Renata, Beyond Suspicion (also known as Appointment for a Killing), NBC, 1993.

Rowland, Gentle Ben (also known as Terror on the Mountain), Animal Planet, 2002.

Rowland, Gentle Ben 2: Danger on the Mountain (also known as Black Gold), Animal Planet, 2003.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Super Bloopers & New Practical Jokes, NBC, 1989.

Judge, The 1992 Miss Teen USA Pageant, CBS, 1992.

Guiding Light: The Primetime Special, CBS, 1992.

Starathon '92: A Weekend with the Stars, syndicated, 1992.

Television Appearances; Awards Presentations:

Soap Opera Digest Awards, NBC, 1989.

The 17th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, ABC, 1990.

Presenter, Soap Opera Digest Awards, NBC, 1992.

The 19th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards, NBC, 1992.

Presenter, The 25th Daytime Emmy Awards, NBC, 1998.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

"Gunsmoke Justice," The Adventures of Kit Carson, syndicated, 1953.

"Law of Boot Hill," The Adventures of Kit Carson, syndicated, 1953.

"Sixth Sense," Death Valley Days, syndicated, 1954.

"I Am Joaquin," Death Valley Days, syndicated, 1955.

Helen, "The Girl across the Hall," Crusader, CBS, 1956.

Leslie, "Dinner Date," Front Row Center, CBS, 1956.

Lois Powell, "Sometimes It Happens," The Ford Television Theater (also known as Ford Theater: All Star Theater), ABC, 1956.

Receptionist, "Sizeman and Son," Playhouse 90, CBS, 1956.

"Cave–In," Matinee Theater, NBC, 1956.

"The Country Husband," Playhouse 90, CBS, 1956.

Belle Starr, "Belle Starr," Tales of Wells Fargo, NBC, 1957.

Marie Conover, "Top Hand," Cheyenne, ABC, 1957.

Virginia Cory, "Naked Gallows," Maverick, ABC, 1957.

"Last Chance," The Web, NBC, 1957.

"The Search," Code 3, Fox, 1957.

"The Talking Corpse," State Trooper, syndicated, 1957.

Jean Kingsley, "Lovely Lady, Pity Me," 77 Sunset Strip, ABC, 1958.

Julia, "The Cover Up," M Squad, NBC, 1958.

Laura Beaumont, "The Case of the Corresponding Corpse," Perry Mason, CBS, 1958.

Lucy, "Sundown at Bitter Creek," Zane Grey Theater (also known as Dick Powell's Zane Grey Theater), CBS, 1958.

Phoebe West, "Wheel of Fortune," Jefferson Drum, NBC, 1958.

Winnie, "A Widow's Kiss," Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre (also known as Fireside Theatre, Jane Wyman Theatre, and Studio 57), NBC, 1958.

"Death on Wheels," State Trooper, syndicated, 1958.

Duchess, "Clay Allison," Tales of Wells Fargo, NBC, 1959.

Liz, "Mr. Denton on Doomsday," The Twilight Zone, CBS, 1959.

Martha Reynolds, "School for Cowards," Bronco, ABC, 1959.

Myra, "Man on Horseback," Wanted: Dead or Alive, CBS, 1959.

Thelma Hill, "The Case of the Lucky Legs," Perry Mason, CBS, 1959.

"The Judas Tree," State Trooper, syndicated, 1959.

Belle Starr, "Shadow of Jesse James," Bronco, ABC, 1960.

Ethel, "The Big Blackout," Thriller, NBC, 1960.

Liza, "Death at Noon," The Man from Blackhawk, ABC, 1960.

Lola, "A Grenade for a Summer's Evening," M Squad, NBC, 1960.

Rachel Barnes, "The Captive Locomotive," Sugarfoot, ABC, 1960.

Sally Claymore, "Sudden Death," Shotgun Slade, syndicated, 1960.

Clara Wilson, "Incident on the Road Back," Rawhide, CBS, 1961.

Ellen Begley, "Wild Mangoes," Adventures in Paradise, ABC, 1961.

Elmira Webster, "The Reversed Blade," The Tall Man, NBC, 1961.

Linda Miller, "But Linda Only Smiled," Ben Casey, ABC, 1961.

Lucy Mencken, "Killer's Payoff," 87th Precinct, NBC, 1961.

Madge Upton, "The Traitor," Wagon Train, NBC, 1961.

Martha Flood, "Flood's Folly," Maverick, ABC, 1961.

Abigail Hinton, "The Good Samaritan," Bonanza, NBC, 1962.

Coco Stanford, "My Love but Lightly," Hawaiian Eye, ABC, 1962.

Della Bogart, "Dead Heat," Surfside 6, ABC, 1962.

Donna Fuller, "The Donna Fuller Story," Wagon Train, ABC, 1962.

Edna Harden, "The Treasure," Have Gun, Will Travel, CBS, 1962.

Ethel Belan, "The Case of the Glamorous Ghost," Perry Mason, CBS, 1962.

Fran Cagle, "The Case against Eliot Ness," The Untouchables, ABC, 1962.

Lois Brooks, "Anniversary Special," Surfside 6, ABC, 1962.

Marti Stevens, "A Man Called Ragan," Cheyenne, ABC, 1962.

"The Quick and the Deadly," Cheyenne, ABC, 1962.

Belle Alpine, "One Last Killing," The Untouchables, ABC, 1963.

Emilia Miller, "She Walks in Beauty," Bonanza, NBC, 1963.

Lily Pitts, "Ex–Con," Gunsmoke, CBS, 1963.

Loren Schuyler, "Webb of Fear," Stoney Burke, ABC, 1963.

Louise Sargent, "The Boy without a Country," Mr. Novak, NBC, 1963.

Martha Harp, "The Kitty Pryer Story," Wagon Train, ABC, 1963.

Paula Keith, "The Long Way Home," Hawaiian Eye, ABC, 1963.

Rebecca Ridgeway, "Mutiny at Fort Mercy," The Dakotas, ABC, 1963.

Ruth Cameron, "My Name Is Judith, I'm Lost, You See," The Eleventh Hour, NBC, 1963.

"Incident at Crooked Hat," Rawhide, CBS, 1963.

Gina Cassel, "The Target," 77 Sunset Strip, ABC, 1964.

Harriet Heatherington, "The Story of Hector Heatherington," Wagon Train, ABC, 1964.

Julia Montgomery, "The Fortunes of J. Jimerson Jones," The Virginian, NBC, 1964.

Marian Colby, "The Child Between," Dr. Kildare, NBC, 1964.

Mary Browne, "The Case of the Nervous Neighbor," Perry Mason, CBS, 1964.

Molly Garland, "The Whipping," Wagon Train, ABC, 1964.

Bess, "Survival," A Man Called Shenandoah, ABC, 1965.

Elsie Brown, "Elsie Brown," Branded, NBC, 1965.

Marge, "The Lonely Calico Queen," The Loner, CBS, 1965.

Martha Simmons, "Boots with My Father's Name," The Big Valley, ABC, 1965.

Mother Fear, "The Children's Day Affair," The Man from U.N.C.L.E., NBC, 1965.

Amy Barr, "Crisis by Fire," Daniel Boone, NBC, 1966.

Anna Medalle, "Weave Nets to Catch the Wind," Ben Casey, ABC, 1966.

Elaine Jason, "Tunnel of Gold," The Big Valley, ABC, 1966.

Mae Duvall, "Ride with Terror," The Monroes, ABC, 1966.

Miriam Fielding, "The Case of the Vanishing Victim," Perry Mason, CBS, 1966.

Addie Ogilvie, "The Young Ones," Daniel Boone, NBC, 1967.

Kay Comstock, "The Small Chance Ghost," Loredo, NBC, 1967.

Connie, "Love Is under 'L,'" The Outsider, NBC, 1968.

Florida, "The Heart of Pony Alice," Lancer, CBS, 1968.

Myra Brinker, "Officer Bobby," Ironside, NBC, 1968.

Pony Jones, "Knife in the Darkness," Cimarron Strip, CBS, 1968.

Ann Shem, "... And I Wand Some Candy and a Gun That Shoots," Hawaii Five–O, CBS, 1971.

Miss Millstone, "The Balloon Ladies," Nanny and the Professor, ABC, 1971.

Silvia Barbiero, "The Nowhere Man," Cannon, CBS, 1971.

Emma Rand, "A Walk in the Shadows," Mannix, CBS, 1972.

"Sad Songs and Other Conversations," Longstreet, ABC, 1972.

Mrs. Hamilton, "A Life for a Life," Hawkins, CBS, 1973.

Dr. Kline, "The Devil's Platform," Kolchak: The Night Stalker (also known as Kolchak and The Night Stalker), ABC, 1974.

"The Carrier," Doc Elliot, ABC, 1974.

Evelyn Fennady, "The Inspection," Emergency!, NBC, 1975.

Gladys, "Return to the Alamo," McCloud, NBC, 1975.

Gladys Becker, "Fry Me to the Moon," L.A. Law, NBC, 1986.

Gladys Becker, "The Last Gasp," L.A. Law, NBC, 1990.

Herself, "Death in the Daytime," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1995.

Estella, "Angel of Death," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 1997.

Herself, "The Heather Biblow Story," The Nanny, CBS, 1997.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Mrs. McClory, The San Pedro Bums (also known as The San Pedro Beach Bums), ABC, 1977.

Film Appearances:

Kate Lamar, The Man from the Alamo, MCA/Universal, 1953.

Marge, Shadows of Tombstone, Republic, 1953.

Myra, The Redhead from Wyoming, MCA/Universal, 1953.

(Uncredited) Evelyn Shriner, The Naked Street (also known as The Brass Ring), United Artists, 1955.

Darlene Adams, Calling Homicide, Allied Artists, 1956.

Madge, The Houston Story, Columbia, 1956.

Renee, Over–Exposed, Columbia, 1956.

Fran Werner, Plunder Road, Twentieth Century–Fox, 1957.

Nurse Helen Bethke, 5 Steps to Danger, United Artists, 1957.

Mrs. Horton, Unwed Mother, Allied Artists, 1958.

Fran, Let No Man Write My Epitaph, Columbia, 1960.

Helen Donovan, The Commies Are Coming, the Commies Are Coming (also known as Red Nightmare), Warner Bros., 1962.

Helen Jennings, House of Women, Warner Bros., 1962.

Mrs. Quinn, 13 West Street, Columbia, 1962.

Vi, The Intruder (also known as I Hate Your Guts!, Shame, and The Stranger), New Concorde, 1962.

Edna Conrad, Black Zoo, Allied Artists, 1963.

Mrs. Rachael McCabe, The Glory Guys, United Artists, 1965.

Lorna Boyd, Tony Rome, Twentieth Century–Fox, 1967.

Cloe, The Boston Strangler, Twentieth Century–Fox, 1968.

Prostitute, There Was a Crooked Man, Warner Bros., 1970.

Trainer Vivien, Kansas City Bomber, Metro–Goldwyn–Mayer, 1972.

Nola Bealer, The All–American Boy, Warner Bros., 1973.

Clerk, Lethal Justice, Europa Carat, 1991.

Zach Shepard's mother, Frozen Assets, RKO Radio Pictures, 1992.

Jeanine, The Tomorrow Man (also known as Time Shifters), Bedford Entertainment, 2001.

3 Day Test, Public Filmworks, 2005.

Stage Appearances:

Appeared as Melissa Gardner, Love Letters, Canon Theatre, Beverly Hills, CA; appeared in The Miracle Worker, On the Town, and Plain and Fancy; performer at the Civic Light Opera Company and Revue Theatre, Stockton, CA.

Major Tours:

Appeared in Plaza Suite.



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