Cholakian, Patricia Francis 1933-

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CHOLAKIAN, Patricia Francis 1933-


Born August 13, 1933, in Indianapolis, IN; married Rouben C. Cholakian, September 18, 1955. Ethnicity: "American." Education: Bates College, A.B.; Middlebury College, A.M.; Sorbonne, University of Paris, Ph.D. Religion: Episcopalian.


Home—200 Cabrini Blvd., Apt. 19, New York, NY 10033. E-mail—[email protected].


Hamilton College, Clinton, NY, professor emeritus of Romance languages.


(With R. C. Cholakian) The Early French Novella, State University of New York Press (Albany, NY), 1972.

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Women and the Politics of Self-Representation in Seventeenth-Century France, University of Delaware Press (Newark, DE), 2000.

Contributor to books, including Arms and the Woman: Feminist Essays on War and Gender, edited by Helen Cooper, Adrienne Munich, and Susan Squier, University of North Carolina Press (Chapel Hill, NC), 1989; Seeking the Woman in Late Medieval and Renaissance Writings: Essays in Feminist Contextual Criticism, edited by Sheila Fisher and Janet Halley, University of Tennessee Press (Knoxville, TN), 1989; French/American Perspectives on French Renaissance WomenWriters: Texts and Contexts, edited by Anne R. Larsen and Colette H. Winn, Wayne State University Press (Detroit, MI), 1994; Women Writers in Pre-revolutionary France: Strategies of Emancipation, edited by Colette H. Winn and Donna Kuizenga, Garland Publishing (New York, NY), 1997; and Writings by Pre-revolutionary French Women, edited by Anne R. Larsen and Colette H. Winn, Garland Publishing, 2000. Contributor to periodicals, including Prose Studies, Romance Notes, Atlantis, Montaigne Studies, and Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies.


Marguerite de Navarre: A Biography.