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Weber, Alain

Weber, Alain, French composer and teacher; b. Château- Thierry, Dec. 8, 1930. He studied at the Paris Cons, with Robert Dussault (theory), Jules Gentil (piano), Jean Gallon and Henri Challan (harmony), Tony Aubin (composition), and Olivier Messiaen (analysis). In 1952 he won the Premier Grand Prix de Rome and worked at the Villa Medici there. Upon returning to Paris, he taught at the Cons. He was the author of various pedagogical tomes. His opera La Rivière Perdue was awarded the Grand Prix Audiovisuel de l’Europe by the Académie du Disque Français in 1982. He also was made an Officier de l’Ordre National du Mérite.


dramatic: Opera: La Voie Unique (1957); La Rivière Perdue (1981-82); Le Rusé Petit Jean (1984). Ballet: Le Petit Jeu (1951); Epitome (1972). ORCH. : Suite Pour une Pièce Vue (1954); Sym. (1954-55); Scherzo Burlesque (1957); Croquis de Table for Chamber Orch. (1957); Concerto for Horn and Strings (1958); Exergues for Strings (1959); Piano Concertino (1961); Midjaay, symphonic poem (1964); Trombone Concerto (1964); Variantes for 2 Percussion and Orch. (1964); Variations (1965); Strophes for Trumpet, Strings, and Percussion (1966); Commentaires Concertants for Flute and Orch. (1967); Gravitations for Piano, Strings, and Percussion (1968); Solipsisme for String Quartet, String Orch., Piano, and Percussion (1968); D’Après Wols for Cello and Orch. (1969); Cercles for Violin and Orch. (1970); Linéaire I for Alto Saxophone and Orch. (1973); Paraphrases Dialoguées for Ondes Martenot and Orch. (1975); Ricordarsi for Strings (1975); Cantus for Harp or Celtic Harp and Strings (1976); Traces for 2 Violins and Strings (1978); Haltia (1980); Lied for Strings (1980); Concert for Winds (1983); Alliages (1997). CHAMBER: Wind Quintet (1955); Clarinet Sextet (1956); Sonata for Oboe and Harp or Piano (1961; also for Clarinet and Harp or Piano, 1992); Sonate da tre for Piano, Violin, and Cello (1968); Viola Sonata (1968); Liminaire for Wind Quintet (1973); Epodes for Saxophone, Oboe, Clarinet, and Bassoon (1974); Projections for 5 or More Percussionists (1974); Linéaire II for 8 Instruments (1977) and III for Ondes Martenot Sextet (1977); Syllepse for Piano, Percussion, and Ondes Martenot (1977); Macles for 4 Trumpets, 3 Trombones, and Tuba (1978); Ruaco for Flute, Viola, and Harp (1979); Assonances for Oboe, Alto Saxophone, and Cello (1980); Improvisations En-chainées for Celtic or Grand Harp and Flute (1980); Octuor for 8 Instruments (1981); Saxophone Quartet (1984); Alternances for Piano and Violin (1988); Anamorphoses for Trombone and Harp Soloists and 3 Trombones (1991); Versets for Organ and Trombone Quartet (1992); Neumes for Organ and Trombone Quartet (1992); Constellaire for Mandolin, Guitar, and Celtic Harp (1994); Et L’On Vit des Fées Débarquer sur la Plage for Harp (1994); Acquatintes for Baroque Lute (1997); Cadentiel for Violin (1997). Piano: Modes enfantines (1968); Études acrostiches en forme de variations (1970); Climax (1987). VOCAL: 2 Mélodies for Baritone and Piano (1950); 5 Poèmes for Mezzo-soprano and Orch. (1953); Phonènimie for Chorus and 5 Players (1983); Le “Chan” du Potager for Reciter, Soprano, Piano, Violin, and Trumpet (1984); 2 Préludes Rimbaldiens for Soprano and Piano or Harp or Guitar (1989).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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