Weber, David

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WEBER, David

WEBER, David. American, b. 1952. Genres: Science fiction/Fantasy. Career: Writer of military science fiction. Publications: HONOR HARRINGTON SERIES: On Basilisk Station, 1992; The Honor of the Queen, 1993; The Short Victorious War, 1994; Field of Dishonor, 1994; Flag in Exile, 1995; Honor Among Enemies, 1996; In Enemy Hands, 1997; Echoes of Honor, 1998; (with D. Drake and S.M. Stirling) More Than Honor, 1998; Worlds of Honor, 1999; Ashes of Victory, 2000; (with E. Flint) Changer of Worlds, 2001; War of Honor, 2002. STARFIRE SERIES (with S. White): Insurrection, 1990; Crusade, 1992; In Death Ground, 1997; The Shiva Option, 2001. DAHAK SERIES: Mutineers' Moon, 1991; The Armageddon Inheritance, 1994; Heirs of Empire, 1996. OTHER: Path of the Fury, 1992; Oath of Swords, 1995; The War Gods Own, 1998; The Apocalypse Troll, 1998; (with J. Ringo) March Upcountry, 2001; (with J. Ringo) March to the Sea, 2001; The Excalibur Alternative, 2002. Contributor to anthologies. Address: c/o Baen Books Author Mail, PO Box 1403, Riverdale, NY 10471, U.S.A.