Vogel, Johann Christoph

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Vogel, Johann Christoph

Vogel, Johann Christoph , German composer, grandfather of Charles Louis Adolphe Vogel ; b. Nuremberg (baptized), March 18,1756; d. Paris, June 27, 1788. He was a pupil of Riepel at Regensburg. He went to Paris in 1776 and was in the service of the Duke of Montmorency, and later was in the service of the Count of Valentinois. He wrote two operas in duck’s style, La Toison d’or (Paris, Sept. 5,1786) and Démophon,which he completed shortly before his untimely death at the age of 32, and which was produced posthumously (Paris, Sept. 22, 1789). He also composed an oratorio, Jepthe (1781), three syms., several simphonies concertantes, a Violin Concerto (1782), three flute concertos, two oboe concertos, some six clarinet concertos, a Bassoon Concerto (1782), and much chamber music.


A. Bickel, J.C. V.: Der grosse Nürnberger Komponist zwischen Gluck und Mozart (1756-1788) (Nuremberg, 1956).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire