Schäfer, Dirk

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Schäfer, Dirk

Schäfer, Dirk, eminent Dutch composer, pianist, and pedagogue; b. Rotterdam, Nov. 23, 1873; d. Amsterdam, Feb. 16, 1931. He studied in Rotterdm and Cologne. After a European concert tour, he settled in Amsterdam, where he was active as a pianist and teacher. I. Schäfer-Dumstorff ed. his Het klavier (Amsterdam, 1942).


orch.: Suite pastorle (1903); Rhapsodie javanaise (1904). chamber: Piano Quintet (1901); 4 violin sonatas (1901–09); Cello Sonata (1909); String Quartet (1922); many piano pieces. VOCAL : Songs.

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire