Sarro (or Sarri), Domenico Natale

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Sarro (or Sarri), Domenico Natale

Sarro (or Sarri ), Domenico Natale, Italian composer; b. Trani, Apulia, Dec. 24, 1679; d. Naples, Jan. 25, 1744. He settled in Naples and studied at the Cons. di S. Onofrio. From 1704 to 1707 he was vicemaestro di cappella at the court; in 1725, became its vice-maestro, and in 1735, assumed the duties of maestro di cappella when Mancini fell ill; upon Mancini’s death in 1737, Sarro formally assumed the post. From 1728 he was also maestro di cappella of the city. Sarro was one of the principal Neapolitan composers of his day. His output includes 28 secular operas, several sacred operas and oratorios, serenatas, cantatas, and a Flute Concerto.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire